How Can my Beliefs Affect my Health?

Beliefs are abstract interpretations that we have about reality formed by cognitive processes through experiences or teachings, these forms our worldview which we use to give meaning to our surroundings navigate through.

Our belief system is an intricate network of conceptualizations that serves to make sense of what we perceive and gives rise to our behaviors according to our perceptions. It is created through different forms: from the learning that we obtain directly from the interaction with our environment; from the knowledge of people close to us; or through the media and education.

This system is alive and constantly changing. Normally unconsciously, our mind is continually evaluating the beliefs it has and comparing them with what we experience in reality, to preserve, modify, or eliminate them. This dynamic is ruled by the cognitive skills that we acquire and develop as we grow up, and it is strongly influenced by the people or messages in our environment.

It is the beliefs that lead the vicious circle that turns into progressive loss of health. When we perceive something as a threat and believe that we are not capable of dealing with it, we feel in danger, and stress is triggered. If we do not know how to deal with these experiences we will feel especially vulnerable.

When these situations arise continuously we will not be able to relax and this will keep us feeling at risk constantly, perpetuating the cycle of experiences that reinforce the beliefs that the world is an insecure place and that we cannot face it.

Our experiences really depend on how we interpret them, this is the basis of the expression: "If you change your mind, you change your world".

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