The Relationship Between Body and Mind

Mental health is not something that can be considered independent of general health. Epidemiological studies carried out in various countries indicate that at least a quarter of the population that comes to the doctor for physical discomfort also presents some degree of loss of mental health.

Most of these patients present psychosomatic symptoms or emotional distress derived from physical illness such as anxiety, excessive worry, anhedonia, or chronic fatigue. When there is a physical health problem, undoubtedly the person's state of mental health is affected.

Similarly, mental health problems affect physical health. The loss of health manifests itself in loss of sleep, substance use, gastrointestinal disorders, circulatory, and respiratory problems, etc.

It is important to establish a global and comprehensive perspective of the person when we talk about mental health that considers the physical, psychological, and social aspects in an interrelated way. This approach is essential for individual and social well-being.

However, today the situation worsens. The lack of attention to mental health in our societies has caused these types of disorders to increase worldwide, making it a major challenge for human development in general.

There is no immune group, although the highest risk is for people who suffer situations of vulnerability such as poverty, homelessness, unemployment, exposure to violence, low school level, minorities, women, indigenous people, and the elderly.

This could lead to the belief that our well-being is closely linked to our socioeconomic status, professional achievements, family or friends, personal relationships, our material belongings, or any other aspect of our external world. However, it is the stress generated by these factors that do not allow the physical, mental, and spiritual well-being of people.

Do you want to know how stress affects our mental health and the role that our beliefs have? Keep reading our blog.

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